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Don has been in the music recording industry for over 40 years, specializing in studio design, installation, and maintenance.

Don started his career in the mid 1970's rebuilding Ampex 350s, 351s & 440s and went on to working with TEAC/Tascam, MCI and OTARI dealers. During that time he learned all about analog consoles. Years later, some good friends were designing the original ProTools systems, so he was introduced to digital products, as well as keeping up with analog designs. Don had the good fortune of working with many of the early 
Bay Area bands and had many hours of hands-on experience with FOH and monitor mixing. He went through extensive training with Tascam and OTARI, and recently due to an opportunity to work with Three Dog Night, became a certified Midas Systems Engineer. These days Don enjoys refurbishing older analog tape decks, "because there's not many of us out there that know them like I do." 

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